On a Sunny Sunday Down in Civi…


…. While jogging right along the prom and then out around the harbour, there’s all the world to see. People doing weekend things and summer stuff, all lapping up the sun. The resort is coming back to life, it hibernation over. Left and right and left and right, trainers padding on the tiles.

Along the front, with palm trees, frangipani, oleander: sun beds out in rows, umbrellas going up. Beach bars touching up the paint, restaurants mopping down the deck. Left and right and left and right, top-knot bobbing in the breeze.

Around the port and boat yard, the scent of diesel mixed with fish: pedal pumping, roller blading, inline skating, pebble skimming. Mobile dialling, selfie snapping, lipstick checking, dark hair flicking. Left and right and left and right, now working up a sweat.

Out along the quay, from lighthouse red to lighthouse green: dinghy sailing, fish catching, boat mending, deck hosing. Boyfriend snogging, crag hopping, puppy petting, dog walking. Left and right and left and right, elbows pumping up and down.

Past the bars and cafés and gelaterias, music pumping out: coffee stirring, ice-cream licking, beer pouring, spritz sipping. Paper reading, chin wagging, fat chewing, setting worlds to rights. Left and right and left and right, my calf now getting sore.

Back down the prom, breeze now at my back: baby jiggling, buggy pushing, grandma greeting, car parking. Table laying, order taking, pasta cooking, fish frying. Left and right and left and right, now getting out of breath.

On towards the football ground and where I started out: moped revving, spliff rolling, gum chewing, talent spotting. Rip-off flogging, policeman dodging, innocence protesting. Left and right and left and right, my knee now getting stiff.

Nearly back to where the car is parked: husband meeting, bike loading – he’s cycled down to town. Water swigging, time checking, comparing aches and pains. Cooling down and stretching off, we exchange a sweaty kiss.

Back up the hill to home and peace and quiet. Feeling tired, but feeling glowy, still high on the endorphins. Soon clean and fresh, with aches now gone and heart rates back to normal, we’re pleased we had a sunny Sunday down in Civi*.

*Civi (pronounced ‘chivvy’) is our affectionate abbreviation for Civitanova Marche.  Only 12 miles away, it is our nearest seaside town.

One thought on “On a Sunny Sunday Down in Civi…”

  1. Such a wonderful description Fran; I could almost smell the ozone (and the frying fish). And, a bonus for us, wonderful reminder of a walk shared with friends.


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