Sunshine for the Soul

It’s felt like quite a momentous week. Our first visitors of the year, our first visitors since before Omicron. And the first visit since pre-pandemic times from these very dear friends (and, until Covid, regular house guests) who we know from my singing days in Lincolnshire. But with so much catching up and living life to be done, there was little time for writing it about it too. So after a couple of days’ pause for thought, here are some reflections on a wonderful seven days condensed into seven haiku.

Then tears and hugs and laughter
They are here at last!


Giddy with delight
Babble, chatter, eat and drink
Late into the night


Overlapping lives
The warp and weft of friendship
The fabric of life


Sea, snow, mountain views,
Marvelling at palaces
Sharing food and wine


The warmth of friendship
As nourishing as the spring
Sunshine for the soul


Telescopic time
Hello to goodbye shortened
From days to seconds


Longing to slow time
The week has passed too soon and
Suddenly they’re gone…

Photo taken at c.1500m ASL on the southern edge of the Piano Grande in the Sibillini Mountains.

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