New Friends

After three months of unintended catlessness, we recently decided that the pain of losing Mimi so suddenly had diminished sufficiently for us to think about finding a feline friend to fill the enormous hole that she left in our lives. So I am pleased to announce that we have now been joined by an almost matching pair of four-month old tabby kittens – a brother and sister, we believe – for which a cat-loving blacksmithing acquaintance of ours over in Treia needed to find a suitable home. Consequently, much of my available writing time this week has been spent on my hands and knees under the dining room table with Mr Blue-Shirt, trying to persuade the two new members of the household to come and make friends properly. Wide-eyed and cautious, they have remained cuddled up together on one of the dining chairs, only occasionally hopping down for a quick turkey biscuit or two before returning to their refuge. Although still reluctant to explore their new surroundings, they happily accept scritching and stroking and have even found the purr button. But they still need a little time to understand that all shall be well here in their new home at Casa Girasole. And we still need a little time to get to know them well enough to work out what their names should be. Ideas on a postcard, please…

Normal blogging service will be resumed in due course.

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